17 Daily Life Prompts for Intentional Memory-keeping


In this article, I’ve written down 17 daily life prompts that you can use as jumping off points for intentional memory-keeping.

You know the feeling. You’re sitting down on your cozy little nook, maybe you have a cup of coffee or cold homemade lemonade, and you’re in the mood for memory-keeping. You open your journal and you’re stumped… “It’s a ‘normal’ day… what’s there to document?

Well, do not despair my friend, I got you 😉

When you’re at a loss for what to journal about or you feel that there’s nothing to document, pick one from these prompts to jog your mind so you can put your memories into a physical archive. I’ve also created a nifty little graphic at the end that you can pin on Pinterest or save to use as a reference when you need it.

These prompts are designed to focus on the little details of your everyday, the moments that are all too easy to forget as time passes. I hope that these prompts will help YOU get in the mindset of seeking small wins and tiny joys every single day, rather than focusing solely on the big events and grand celebrations (those are cool too, btw!).

01. Today, I’m feeling…

…happy? tired? excited? anxious? grateful?

If you’re doing your memory-keeping at the beginning of the day, ask yourself how you feel when you woke up. If you’re doing this at the end of the day, reflect on how you felt throughout the day. Maybe pick some colors or images that speak to that feeling and write a few sentences / phrases to expound on that feeling.

02. My favorite moment from today is…

If you were to document a single moment, a snapshot if you will, what would it be? It doesn’t have to be something grand (it could be, of course!). Maybe it’s a quiet coffee time in the morning or waking up without an alarm. It can be a lighthearted moment that you want to be able to look back on later on.

03. This is was today looked liked.

Take this opportunity to snap a couple of candid / real-life / “as is” photos of your day. Document on what your day literally looks like. Embrace the messiness, the imperfections, the good days, and the bad ones as they are.

04. On this day, I’m grateful for…

Gratitude is such a powerful tool for intentional memory-keeping. Encouraging yourself to think about what you are grateful for every day trains your mind to see joy in the smallest of things. Try to think of just one thing you’re grateful for whether that’s a refreshing shower or a sweet message from your significant other.

05. On The Menu

What’s for breakfast? What did you make for lunch? Did you get any takeout for dinner? Meals are a huge part of our everyday lives and it can also be deeply connected to personal quality time or focused time with your loved ones. Document the details surrounding your meals such as who you’re with, what you ate, how it made you feel, or write down the recipe!

06. Today’s Schedule

If you’re not the type who writes out a schedule daily, it may seem like the day just flew by in an instant. Use your memory-keeping session as a way to remember the more granular details of your everyday schedule. Do your days feel busier than usual? Are you feeling the need for some rest and relaxation? Recalling and documenting what you do on a day to day basis will help you see that we tend to put so much in our plates each day. Or maybe it’s the opposite where you realize that you spent far more time watching Netflix or scrolling Instagram than you would like. Either way, it’s a chance for you to become more intentional about how you spend your seconds, minutes and hours.

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07. This is what’s difficult right now…

Listen, not all days are sunshine and butterflies. There are days that are just… difficult. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t document it. Often, memory-keeping is a way for you to process the difficult situation you are in.

Write about the situation you’re struggling with and why it feels difficult. You don’t have be pressured to resolve whatever the issue is but try to express what you’re feeling as you go through it.

08. Morning/Evening/Daily Routine

What’s a daily life prompt list without your daily routines?! Routines are a sequence of actions that you do in a somewhat consistent manner. It’s always interesting to record the different routines that make up your daily life and how those routines transform and evolve over time.

09. One thing that made me smile today

One thing that made you laugh, made you giggle, or made you smile, or basically any memory that made your physically express your joy. Maybe it’s a song that made you dance or a silly dad joke that you can’t get over. Or better yet, an extra cute dog GIF like this one:

10. Soundtrack of the Day

There are so many sounds that fill our days, and I’m not just talking about the music you’re listening to. Think about the sounds of nature, faint conversations from the people around you, the chopping and sizzling noises in the kitchen, the trickling in of the water falling down as you shower… so many things!

11. Outfit of the Day

Document the outfit that you’re sporting, whether you’re still in your PJs or you got ready for the day. Be comfortable in showing up as you are in your memory-keeping because this is YOUR story.

12. Today, I read…

Share an excerpt from something you read — a book, an article, an Instagram post — that you want to remember. Add in your own thoughts and personal reflection and why it resonated with you.

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13. A conversation I had today…

It’s always difficult trying to remember the exact conversations that you have with someone. Maybe you received a text message that made you smile or maybe it’s a deep conversation with a friend or your usual banter with your significant other. These are all small details in the grand scheme of things but ultimately, these are details that make up your personal experience of life.

14. Quotable Quote

If you encounter a quote that makes you feel some type of way, document it! Write it down, experiment with hand lettering styles, or find a graphic of it on Pinterest. You can write about what this quote means to you or you can leave it as is.

15. I love this day because…

Rather than talking about the things that you loved in the day, ask yourself what made you love the day. It’s a way to reframe how you think about your day because this prompt assumes that you already love the day. Now, it’s all about figuring out why that is so.

16. My intention for the day

This prompt is especially helpful if you have a little bit of time at the beginning in the day to write down your intention for that day. Is it to complete your to-do list? Spend more time with your family? Feel relaxed and calm throughout the day? Write it down and then circle back at the end of the day to document how you did with your intention.

Word of caution: This prompt is meant to help you keep your daily intentions top of mind. It’s not about feeling disappointed in yourself if you believe you didn’t successfully weave in your intention throughout the day. Focus more on reflecting how you felt and why you feel “unsuccessful.” Figure out the roadblocks that

17. Today, I noticed…

Ending this list with a simpler and lighthearted prompt. It’s as straightforward as it seems! Start with “Today, I noticed…” and then challenge yourself to keep writing for maybe a minute or two. Allow yourself to just ramble and let go.

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Every single day is an opportunity for you to celebrate life and living. Use these daily life prompts as a way to actively tap into that daily joy through your own creativity.


Let go of the mindset that only the big events and grand celebrations deserve to be documented. All these moments, big and small, are YOUR stories.

So talk about the silly things! Journal about how you wore the same clothes for three days straight. Document the normal conversations you have with your significant other (or furry companion).

Most of all, have fun documenting the stories that are important and meaningful to you.




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