Just a fun little page of the things I’m loving / doing / reading / watching, you know the gist!

Inspired by Derek Sivers.


Currently working on:

Currently reading:

  • World War Z by Max Brooks. I really like how differently this book was written! Rather than having a linear timeline and one storyline, the book is essentially a compilation of “interviews” of survivors and key players from the war against zombies. It takes place AFTER the war and goes into the individual experiences of different people — from soldiers to politicians to medics to civilian survivors. Buy the Kindle version 👉🏻

Currently obsessed about:

  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons 🏝 Since the game was released last March 20th, I have played every single day, no regrets. It’s a nice break from everything that is happening in the world today so I’m leaning into it. After 270+ hours of gameplay, my island now has a 5-star rating and I’m damn proud of that 😉Buy the game 👉🏻


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