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Document your favorite song from Map of the Soul: Persona with these clear playlist stickers! ?

  • 4 x 6″ sticker sheet, 10 stickers in one sheet
  • Clear glossy stickers
  • NOT water-resistant
  • Actual color may slightly vary due to differences in monitors / display color profiles.
  • This sticker sheet is handmade from my little studio so slight imperfections (not affecting the sticker itself) might occur 🙂
  • 100% original design and hand-drawn by Amateur Creatives / Pam

Imperfect Version Note/s:

  • “Dionysus” has been incorrectly spelled as “Dionysius.” The A-Grade version has the correct spelling.
  • The artist for Intro: Persona is “rm.” The A-Grade version uses “bts” for the artist.
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