Do you want to unlock your creativity?


Sketchbook Scientist is a guided online course that will help you uncover and unleash your creativity through easy and exciting art experiments that you can do in your sketchbook.

In this course, I will be guiding you through 30 (yep, you read that right) art experiments for you to do in your own sketchbook. The idea is that you can do a different experiment everyday for an entire month! At the end of the 30 days, you will have filled at least 30 pages of your sketchbook with fun, personal and intentional art.

All the experiments that I will be showing you are easy and well-suited to anyone, especially beginners. You do not need any prior experience in any art medium to learn something from the course. I will teach everything that you need to know including the supplies for each experiment (as well as alternatives), the time commitment, the technique and many different ways that of interpreting it.


Why am I creating Sketchbook Scientist?

As recent as a year from now, I would’ve hesitated to share my very raw and imperfect sketchbook. I wanted to perfect it first before I would dare to show it to anyone. Which is silly since this is a sketchbook… it’s not supposed to be a masterpiece. Sketchbooks are a safe place for rough ideas, mistakes, and experiments.

I’ve always wanted to draw and paint well (I especially want to draw graphic novels/comics at some point) but whenever I try, my drawings would just look HIDEOUS. So I stopped trying. I thought to myself, “I just don’t have the talent for this.

I stopped making art because I convinced myself that I’m not talented enough for it.

It’s a sucky feeling, I know ?

It took me a looooong time and a lot of introspection to release myself from these limiting beliefs. I’m still not “good” at drawing, painting or illustrating but the difference is that’s not the most important thing to me anymore. What’s more important for me is that I keep on creating the art that makes me come alive. 

I want you to know that creating art is for everyone.

My mission is help you DISCOVER and LIBERATE your creativity by encouraging you to release the limiting beliefs that you have about yourself and your art ✨


Inside the course, you will find:


At least 30 video tutorials – one for each sketchbook experiment!


Multiple examples of artwork for each sketchbook experiment (in the future, I will also be featuring students’ artwork)


Step-by-step written instructions with animated GIFs (in case you have a hard time following along the video)


Just some of the sketchbook experiments that I’m brewing up for you:



I want Sketchbook Scientist to help you break free from limiting beliefs on how you “should” be making art.
I want you to feel confident about creating the art that makes you happy.
I want you to know that the best part about the art that you make is that it all came from your own creativity 🙂


Are you loving this already?
Well, you can actually pre-order Sketchbook Scientist right now!

Why should I pre-order?

You can enroll in the course at the pre-order price of $25! I will be selling this course for at least $35 once it has launched. You will also have first access to the course once it goes live. And you’re a pretty cool human who wants to support a small creative biz owner 😉

What happens after I pre-order?


For the entire month of October, you can pre-order Sketchbook Scientist at the special introductory price of $25! To pre-order, you can click any of the pre-order buttons on this page (or just click here) and input your payment information through Gumroad (my payment processor). After completing the check-out process, two things will happen: (1) you’ll receive an e-mail from me thanking you for your pre-order as well as further information on the course and (2) you will be added to the Sketchbook Scientist course on Teachery – our course platform.

As a pre-order student, you will receive weekly updates on the progress of the course starting on October 5 until the course launches. In these updates, I will share the latest progress on the course, first look at things like branding and the videos I’m filming as well as any issue that may arise throughout the process. I will be 100% transparent with you on how the course is coming along 🙂

You will have early access to the course a week before it is launched into the world wide web. You can get a head start on gathering the supplies you want to use and you’ll have access to all the course content before anyone else! (Plus, if there are any bugs or issues, we’ll able to fix ’em before releasing the course to everyone.)

After launching the course, I will be hosting a Live Run where we go through all the 30 lessons for 30 days! I haven’t fully decided the logistics of this but it will most likely start in mid-November. I will be creating temporary Facebook group for everyone to join (if only you want) and I will be posting the daily lessons there as well as on Instagram. I also have a special event in mind but I’ll share more on that later 😉

You have lifetime access to the course and all the future updates! Even if you can’t join the Live Run or complete it, don’t worry, you can access the course whenever it’s convenient for you. You will also get all future updates to the course.

Who’s teaching the course anyway?


Hello there! ?I’m Pam — an artist and the creative mind behind this blog, Amateur Creatives. As the blog name would suggest, I am an amateur artist who loves exploring my creativity by trying out different mediums and experimenting with art. I don’t have an art or design degree — I’m actually a math major ? I am completely self-taught in graphic design, blogging, and now traditional art mediums.

Why am I teaching this course if I don’t have a formal background in art? Here’s the thing — this course is NOT about learning how to draw/paint/illustrate amazingly. What this course aims to do is to help you discover and liberate your creativity so that you can be confident about the art that you create.



If you’re ready to reclaim your creativity, you can pre-order the course right now:

Pre-order Sketchbook Scientist!

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