Sketchbook Tour #1: Lots of practice drawing and experimenting


Every month, I’m sharing with you a quick sketchbook tour. Nothing fancy, nothing polished – just going back to the days of play, experiment and pure creative expression in our sketchbooks!

Welcome to the first ever Sketchbook Tour round-up!

My vision for this series is to share a couple of pages each month from my sketchbooks as a way of (1) accountability and (2) creative expression. Sketchbooks are originally a safe place for artists (established and aspiring alike) to create “drafts” of their potential masterpieces, to practice a skill or to just warm up and draw whatever. Sketchbooks weren’t intended to be perfect and completed works of art, it’s the opposite actually.

However, in this age of Instagram and Tumblr, we were seemingly brainwashed into thinking that even our sketchbooks should be “Instagram-worthy” in the sense that it showcases outstanding, one-of-a-kind masterpieces. I want to rebel from this concept and just share whatever I worked on in my sketchbook for the month ?

Inside this month’s sketchbook:

I’m fascinated by creepy-looking / haunted houses these days and I love drawing them even though I’m pretty bad at drawing architecture. I did the sketch entirely freehand with a Sakura Pigma Micron 0.05 using a reference photo from Pinterest. Then I added some color to it with a couple of Copic Markers. I also used the Sakura Gelly Roll 08 for the tree branches in the haunted house illustration.

All my people-drawing practice in its full glory! ? You see, I’m not very good at drawing people. I suck at body proportions, at drawing facial expressions, and different body languages. I basically do not know how to draw humans. I recently bought Christopher Hart’s “Figure It Out Workbook” so I could learn drawing figures and these were my practice sketches.

This abstract piece is actually just an accumulation of swatches from excess paint that I had when I was screenprinting the illustrations for my 100 Day Challenge (you can check it here on Instagram). I loved how it turned out! Don’t waste excess paint – use it to create an abstract artwork ?

One of the two things I want to learn this 2018 is acrylic painting. I love the opaqueness and the textures you can achieve with this medium so I bought myself three tubes of acrylic paint (Naples Yellow, Cadmium Red Deep Hue and Coeruleum Hue), a tube of Titanium White and Mars Black, and just started experimenting! I did some value studies and color mixing studies as well as attempted my first painting. I actually hated how the painting turned out because I ruined it with the inking #oops. The sketch on the left is just a blind contour self portrait that I did to warm up my hands.

And that’s a wrap for this month’s sketchbook!

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