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Sketchbook Tour #2: First few attempts at drawing people

by Pam Llaguno

Every now and then, I’ll be giving you a quick sketchbook tour. Nothing fancy, nothing polished – just going back to the days of play, experiment and pure creative expression in our sketchbooks!

I’m back again with the second sketchbook tour! I’m a firm believer in setting goals for different aspects in your life, especially the ones where you want to see improvement on. The first goal that I have for drawing is learning how to draw people. I’ve always been decent at drawing architecture, objects, and maybe landscapes (to a certain extent) but drawing humans has been my biggest frustration for the longest time.

Before I started learning the foundations by studying anatomy (which is what I’m doing now), I wanted to get a feel for drawing humans and see what my current skill level is. For this sketchbook tour, I’ll be sharing my first few drawings of people from a reference image and/or a tutorial.

While the drawings are quite hilarious, it’s still important for me to honor my starting point and share my progress. I hope that through this, I’ll be able to encourage beginners like me who’s interested in drawing to pick up their pencils and start learning and practicing.

Inside the sketchbook:

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Hey you! If you loved peeking through my sketchbook and you’re feeling “hmmm, having a sketchbook seems like a lot of fun,” then you are 100% correct. My sketchbooks have helped me build my creative confidence and has allowed me to continue making art that feels good to me!

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I want this course to help you break free from limiting beliefs on how you “should” be making art.

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