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Studio Vlog #01: Polaroid Album, Linocut Printing and A Bit of Painting

by Pam Llaguno

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It’s here~ my first ever studio vlog! In this studio vlog, I talk about my polaroid album project, how I’m creating the handmade postcards for pre-order students of Sketchbook Scientist and the beginning process of how I designed my business card.

I’m equally excited and terrified of sharing this video but it was a fun experience trying to document what I do for work. I’m a *new* freelance artist who’s still trying to find her place in the art world so I thought this might be able to help someone who wants to get started in art as well. I’m sorry the video is a bit all over the place (like my mind…). I’m still getting used to remembering to take out the camera and filming lol.

I hope you enjoy!



People / resources I mentioned in the studio vlog:


  1. Michael Hampton’s “Figure Drawing: Design and Invention.” This is the reference book that I am currently using to learn how to draw figures. This book thoroughly explains the foundations of the human figure and how the anatomy affects the actual drawing.
  2. Trickywagon’s Studio Vlogs. I am a HUGE fan of Sush’s works! She uploads studio vlogs on Youtube which show everything she does to maintain and grow her art business. I often have her vlogs playing as my background music when working.
  3. Wandering Aimfully: The Show. This is probably the only podcast I listen to these days. Caroline and Jason Zook are two of my favorite internet people! If you’re into authentic creative businesses, they’re your people.



See you in the next video ❤️

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