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Video Reel

Studio Vlog #02: New Business Cards, Piano Practice and Unboxing Packages

by Pam Llaguno

February kind of flew by me, probably because I was too excited for our Boston family trip (first time in the East Coast!) ? Again, this studio vlog is a bit random but that’s what life is like most of the time, right? It’s extremely difficult to plan and stay in one track with all the curveballs life seems to like throwing at us. But it’s okay! We’re exploring, we’re discovering, we’re living ✨

In this vlog, I unboxed a couple of fun packages (spoiler alert: new business cards, art haul from Sush and an Instax SQ20), filmed a bit of my piano practice, finished up the cards I started in the last vlog and did the usual drawing and editing work. I also skipped the days we went to Boston since I’m planning out a separate video/blogpost for that!

One thing I’ve realized is that I need to get out more. I only have about a month left in California before I have to go back to Manila so I’m starting to plan the rest of my weeks. Hopefully, I can visit a couple more museums and fun shops before I leave! I’ll be sure to document those in a studio vlog as well 😉

I hope you enjoy this video!


People / resources I mentioned in the studio vlog:


  1. I had my business cards printed from them and I love it! You can use my link to get 25% off your first order (I get the same deal if you order through my link). I printed mine on their standard sized and added a raised spot gloss effect on one side.
  2. Sush’s Store. You all know I love Sush’s art. If you do too, you can support her by buying from her shop! She opens/closes her shop regularly so you might want to follow her on Twitter (@trickywagon) to get updates on her next shop opening.
  3. Studio Vlog #1. I started working on the hand-painted cards in this vlog.
  4. Art Book Haul. I showed you all the books/zines I bought from Sush in this video.



See you in the next video ❤️

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